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Alica (CA)

Azul helped me to understand more than just a “diet,” she helped me understand how important it is to have a positive relationship with food and myself. She taught me how to listen and get in tune with my how my body to understand what works best for me rather than what is easiest. She taught me that fitness isn’t an end goal but a life long relationship we can choose to love and enjoy.

Tyler (LA)

Azul may have saved my professional track and field career. I was struggling with weight issues and developed an unhealthy relationship with food over the last 5 years. It wasn’t until I spoke with Azul that I realized how destructive my habits were to my training and health. She developed an inspiring diet plan that has allowed me to maintain a healthy competitive weight as well as give me enough fuel for training. I feel better than I ever have. I couldn’t thank her enough.

Chris (CA)

I was overwhelmed with a few things I wanted to change in my life. Azul created an approachable plan that empowered me to accomplish my goals with confidence. She listens wholeheartedly, and it felt great to know she is genuinely invested in my journey to be the best version of myself. I was able to tackle these issues and I’m thankful she was there to help!

David (CA)

Azul is amazing! She really cares about hitting your goals and making sure you succeed. She will go the extra mile to make sure you are maximizing your workouts and eating properly too. All you really have to know is that Azul is great and you will get results.

Bryan (NY)

Azul helped me achieve my goal in a way different than I thought initially. I was heavier than I had ever been before and through talking with her I was able to identify some areas of my life that I needed to improve upon. I'm grateful that she didn't just focus on nutrition goals, because what I learned about my overall lifestyle is a lot more valuable to me. I lost 60 pounds working with her! We set goals and having here there to keep reminding me why I set them in the first place really helped and she continues to encourage me through the hard times.  That's how I know she really cared, and still genuinely cares.

Deidre (CA)

Passionate, knowledgeable and understanding are the qualities you look for in someone you’d want helping you fight the good fight when it comes to health, your health.  These are just a few qualities that help to describe Azul.  Luckily for me, between those qualities and her dedication to helping me, she’s been able to teach me that by simply changing some of the foods that I eat I can improve my quality of life. It’s a life where unfortunately I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but thanks to Azul I have been able to ease some of the chronic pain I am forced to suffer from daily. 

Kristal (CA)

Azul has been so wonderful! Not only is she a great listener, she also manages to demonstrate the perfect combination of compassion and professionalism. Instead of simply guiding me in certain directions (and making decisions for me), she has taught me how to choose my own path- and to own it. Together, we set goals, identified what’s important to me, and explored future career ideas. She gave me the extra push that I needed at the time. I am grateful that our paths crossed!

Leslie & Bill (CA)

We joined a gym a year before meeting Azul, but we were not getting a lot out of it. I decided to start working out with a Personal Trainer and though that was a good decision, I had no idea that I would be able to work out with such an amazing person like Azul. She truly made the difference for me. She was goal oriented, knowledgeable, patient and kind. She is the absolutely best trainer! She helped me with my balance and my strength. I was able to accomplish so much with Azul. My body transformed and I had no idea that I would see the results that I did. She readily adjusted my routine so that I would keep achieving new goals. She was also concerned about my nutritional fitness and my mental well being. I never in my life, enjoyed working out at a gym. However, I always looked forward to working out with Azul. My confidence soared and I felt strong! There is so much I can say about Azul, but I think the one thing that I can say that encaptures her is that Azul Corajoria is the absolute best that there is and anyone would be privileged to work out with her.

Victoria (CA)

Training with Azul is a mind body soul experience. Her fitness programs have encouraged me to challenge myself both inside and outside of the gym. She is meticulous, caring and intuitive - all qualities that create and incredible fitness program and training experience. Azul is a purveyor of the newest exercises so her routines are never boring. Good money/time spent with her expertise and interest in my wellbeing!

Kaveh (CA)

Working out with Azul not only drastically improved my gym sessions and overall experience, but she helped me build better habits throughout all aspects of my life.  She thoughtfully crafted my fitness and nutrition plan to suit my schedule and lifestyle, and always pushed me to work harder and stay consistent no matter what life threw at me.  As a result, I feel like I've been exceeding my goals inside and outside of the gym and am motivated to continue improving every day! 

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